Expediting Market Access & Ensuring the Success of Your Medical Product


Consulting, Coaching & Support in the following areas


Regulatory Affairs

Quality Management

Engineering & Innovation

Clinical Evaluations and Investigations



How we address expediting market access & ensuring the success of your medical product?

Employees / Partners have + 20 years of work experience in Medical Device Industry, Research and Technical Industry.

We use a Top-Down Approach in Quality Management and Regulatory Affairs.

Implementing a lean risk-based approach to product development.

In addition, time is taken at the beginning to consider the cornerstones of the project.

Pre-defining triggers in order that important and critical information is considered and incorporated during the project and the development process.

Putting emphasis on the usability of the product.


Meet Our Team

Stephanie Grassmann

Managing Director

MedtechXperts GmbH



Partner Network

Sandra Wehrt


MedtechXperts GmbH

Recent Projects

Defining the clinical investigation strategy and subsequently compiling the clinical investigation report in accordance with GCP ICH E6, FDA 21 CFR part 50, 56 and 812; as well, supporting the compilation of the technical file to obtain FDA clearance of an exoskeleton within three months.

Restructuring the risk management process and documentation, to increase efficiency, to enable risk-based product development, and to ensure alignment with present-day quality and regulatory requirements, including the international standard ISO 14971.

Establishing and mapping the clinical evaluation process as well as clinical investigation process in accordance to the current regional (i.e. FDA 21 CFR, EU Medical Device Regulation (MDR)) and international regulatory requirements in alignment with ISO 14155

Revision of the Product Technical File (process, contents, presentation, structure), to increase compilation efficiency and to ensure alignment with current standards, regulations (i.e. MDR) and "State of the Art" requirements

Coaching small companies & start-ups to use a lean approach, to expediate market access of their products

Supporting EU notified bodies in auditing and educating their customers.